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Ashtanga Yoga

In our shala, we teach Ashtanga Yoga exclusively, by following the traditional method of Mysore classes.

Mysore classes are named after the city in South India where this method was born and is still taught.


In these classes, all students practice together, regardless of their level of experience, in the spirit of self-practice. This approach is based on the fact that each individual is completely unique, so the teaching of yoga should be individualized as well.


Ashtanga Yoga proposes a set sequence of poses that each practitioner commits to memory, slowly and one by one, with the help of the teacher. This sequence is organized in 6 series (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced).


Practitioners come to class and work on the part of the series they have already been taught, following their own pace.


The teacher does not lead the class, but moves around the room, observes, gives adjustments, and eventually adds more postures to each person’s practice, according to their needs.

Additionally, a few “Led” classes happen in the beginning and the end of the week, that aim to transmit more information about our method to all practitioners as a group – but without substituting our Mysore practice, which will always be the foundation of our system.

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