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Ashtanga Yoga

In our shala we teach Ashtanga Yoga as it is taught in KPJAYI, in Mysore, India. Its foundations lie in the combination of movement, breath and gaze (Tristhana) into one dynamic practice.  While paying attention to these three elements, we follow a set sequence and flow from posture to posture in a steady, continuous rhythm (Vinyasa).

What sets Ashtanga Yoga apart from other yoga styles is its unique, traditional teaching method (Mysore). In a Mysore class, every practitioner is guided by the teacher seperately, with respect to their personal strengths, needs, temperament and previous experience. This personalized approach allows all practitioners, regardless of their “level” to practice together, like a private lesson in a group setting. But most importantly, this approach allows every practitioner to connect deeply to their practice and become self-sufficient – as opposed to the majority of yoga classes, where the teacher leads and the student follows instructions without really absorbing them.

By practicing Ashtanga Yoga, the body gets stronger, more flexible and resilient. Pains resulting from bad posture get resolved, the nervous system gets stronger, our mood improves and a new vitality appears. We learn to listen to our body and use it efficiently. We discover the endless potential of our breath. Slowly and steadily, through committed practice, its benefits start to seep into every area of our life, away and beyond our mat.