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If you wish to come practice at our shala, or just want to find out more about us and our classes, please contact us:

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  • If you wish to start practicing with us, please drop us an e-mail first. Introduce yourselves, tell us about your previous experience in yoga, ask us questions.


  • Beginners are extremely welcome. You don’t need to have previous experience or know the series – that’s why we are here for! Ask us to tell you what time is best for you to come.


  • Traveling practitioners are also very welcome. If you already practice Ashtanga and you’re happening to pass through our neighborhood, send us an e-mail suggesting the date and times you wish to come.


  • The more you practice Ashtanga Yoga, the more fruits this practice bears. So we encourage practitioners to show up often and consistently. Ask us about our monthly memberships.


  • Monthly memberships refer to the current calendar month. We urge all practitioners to be very diligent with their accounts, so that our shala can continue to function smoothly.


  • ALL shala news are announced through e-mail, posted on our website, social media and of course, our bulletin board. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of these places, please ask away.
  • Please refer to our schedule regarding class times. Be as punctual as possible.


  • Before you enter, keep in mind that some practitioners might have already started their -silent- practice, so adjust accordingly. Enter quietly, leave your shoes at the shoe cabinet, and proceed to the changing room. Please turn off or silence your mobile phone. Speak (if necessary) quietly. Speaking on your mobile phone inside the shala is prohibited.


  • Also, all movement inside the shala –from walking to mat laying- should also be done as quietly as possible.


  • Inform your teacher about any health issues or injuries.


  • Come to practice clean, in clean, simple and comfortable clothing. Ideally, your last meal should be at least 3 hours before practice. Come hydrated, but do not drink water during practice. Do not use strong perfumes before practice. If you sweat a lot, bring along one, or more, towels.
  • In Ashtanga practice we move through a set sequence of poses that consists of 6 series – each one a bit more demanding than the previous. This is why the practice is different for each practitioner, in terms of length and difficulty. A beginner will be slowly introduced to it, step by step, starting from the fundamentals – practice will be about an hour at first, slowly building up to an hour-and-a-half.


  • At the shala you will find mats that you can use on your first practices. However, we strongly urge practitioners to bring and use their own mat after a while. You can leave it at the designated area so that you don’t have to carry it every time. You can also bring and leave a small blanket to use during the final rest.


  • After class, please return any equipment you used to its place.


  • Respect your body, listen to it, give it time and patience. Do not practice if you have a fever or you are contagious (both for your own sake and for the other practitioners’ and teachers’ sake). Move mindfully if you are dealing with an injury. Girls on their periods, too. Or take some days off. Or if you’re not sure what to do, ask! But most importantly, breathe. Deep and long. The rest will come.